We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
Hello new Clients!

Amrita Baltic has extensive experience in the sale of electrical goods, so we offer ur customers a high level of service.

We cooperate with proven forwarding companies that always deliver goods on time.
Our company, in cooperation with proven logistics terminals, offers goods delivery on the terms “ON HOLD”.

In our work, we use new technology and innovation, which accelerates the exchange of information, the process of coordinating orders and exchanging documents.

Our team of accountants always monitors changes in European law, therefore we provide reliable and stable service to our customers.
Hello new Suppliers !

Amrita Baltic is always open for new cooperation, so we will be happy to receive your offers.

Please send your offers and our experienced team will carefully check them, provide feedback and communicate with you in order to discuss possible cooperation ways.

We invite cooperation manufacturers and companies that are interested in distributing their goods. Amrita Baltic cooperates with many of the largest retail chains in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland and Russia.